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Watch a 13-inch E Ink monitor in action, then gawk at the price  | Chips |

Wish you had a secondary display for your computer that was built for reading documents? This new 13-inch E Ink monitor could be just what you’re looking for.

PaperLike is a new product from Dasung, who took it with them to CES recently. It didn’t generate much buzz at the time, likely for a couple key reasons. First, an external monitor that requires only a USB cord for both power and video input isn’t a breakthrough by any means. Several display companies have produced portable secondary monitors, and full color ones at that.

They’re also quite a bit cheaper than this display. Right now, the PaperLike is selling for $975 (straight conversion), though there’s a promotional discount that nets a $325 price break. Even at $645, it’s more than seven times the price of the 16-inch AOC e1659Fwu on Amazon.

But the PaperLike does have a much higher native resolution: 1600 x 1200. Most USB displays top out at 1366 x 768, and some smaller ones are as low as 800 x 480. PaperLike’s pixel density of 150ppi should allow it to render clean, crisp text — just like a Kindle.

Since it’s an E Ink display, PaperLike also won’t drain your battery as quickly as a full-color display would. It only consumes power when the image on the display needs to update, so if you’re studying a static page for several minutes it’s not sucking power from your laptop.

PaperLike’s Achilles’ heel is the same as any other E Ink display: it can’t refresh itself nearly as fast as an LCD display can. It’s better than many, thanks to Dasung’s optimizations and a high-speed mode that trades a bit of detail for quicker refreshes, but you still probably wouldn’t want to play games or watch videos on it.

And really, at more than $600, you could always save yourself a good chunk of money and buy a fairly nice tablet to take along as a secondary display instead.

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Watch a 13-inch E Ink monitor in action, then gawk at the price | Chips |


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