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Simple, hilarious Destiny robot levels up while you sleep | Games |

The most efficient way to make progress in Destiny is to have three different characters in order to complete the game’s top-tier content, which can only be completed once per week per character. If you run through the game’s two raids but don’t get any desirable loot, you’re boned until the following week’s reset — but if you have two more characters, you have two more chances to get better loot.

Best of all, the weekly missions are the most fun content in the game. To get those three characters and maximize your fun, though, you have to grind through Destiny’s uninspired story and low-level content, but one intrepid guardian found a solution: building a robot to level his character while he sleeps.

Back in the old days when your time wasn’t as valuable, you might’ve put up with one of Gran Turismo’s endurance races, which tasked you with completing a single race over the course of multiple hours in hopes of landing a fast car as a prize. Some gamers figured out that if they put a single rubber band around both of the controller’s analog sticks and configured one stick to control their car’s acceleration, they could walk away from the game while the car sped along the track’s guardrail, completing the race and landing a chance at a prize. Redditor yavin427 built what is essentially the Destiny version of the rubber band trick.

By taping a couple of servos to his Xbox One gamepad and using an Arduino to control them, his Guardian hits buttons on a timer, slowly killing enemies until they flood and kill the character. A specific mission — one Destiny players can probably guess — spawns the Guardian and enemies in such a way where the enemies rush the Guardian from the start, and end up right in his crosshairs. By alternating punching and shooting enemies, yavin427’s character managed to hit the soft level cap of 20 — and he didn’t even have to be awake.

He readily admits that using this rig is probably the slowest way to level, but it was more of a fun experiment than a way to avoid the early grind. He went from level 16.5 to 20 in about a day, and when all was said and done, logged around 3,600 kills and 900 deaths.

Now if only he could figure out a way to build a robot to manage the rest of the game’s grind.

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Simple, hilarious Destiny robot levels up while you sleep | Games |


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