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John McAfee says North Korea didn’t hack Sony | News |

John McAfee spends his time in forums discussing more than bath salts and weird sex. He’s also built relationships within the hacking community, and that’s how he knows who hacked Sony.

McAfee went on record with reporters to discuss his startup activity. His company, Future Tense, is currently working on an anonymization device called D-Central and a secure messaging app called Chadder. While those were discussed, the conversation quickly turned to the Sony breach.

The FBI claimed it had evidence linking North Korea to the attack and later shared some of its findings with the public to provide proof. But McAfee is convinced that’s not the case. He claims that he knows exactly who did it, and that there’s no political agenda behind the attack.

McAfee says the Sony attack was actually orchestrated by a group of hackers with an axe to grind against the movie and music industries. He’s not about to name names, though, noting that “would make [him] a nark.” All he’ll say is that these hackers are civil libertarians with “good hearts.” “They want freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to live unobserved,” McAfee says, adding that he’s solidly behind that.

As for the false accusations against North Korea, McAfee doesn’t think it’s a big deal, because he’s “not particularly happy with what the North Koreans are doing.” He also says that while they might not have been behind this attack, they’ve been behind others and gotten off scot-free.

That’s not exactly the kind of logic that makes for strong international relations.#

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John McAfee says North Korea didn’t hack Sony | News |


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