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iPhone 6S to feature Apple Watch’s Force Touch display and 2GB of RAM | Apple |

If Apple sticks to their once-yearly update cycle, we’ll see a new iPhone in seven or eight months. If a new rumor proves accurate, this one might finally join numerous top-tier Androids in shipping with 2GB of RAM.

For those keeping score, if the iPhone 6S does indeed ship with 2GB it’ll be nearly 40 months behind the first Android phone to do it. LG’s Optimus LTE 2 launched with two gigs all the way back in May of 2012. There have also already been Lumia phones with 2GB, and, heck, even the lowly BlackBerry Z10 came with 2GB when it hit store shelves in January 2013.

Apple’s never felt the need to match its competition on the spec sheet, though, so it’s not really a surprise that it’s taking them so long to upgrade the iPhone’s RAM. It’s also debatable whether or not previous versions of the iPhone would have seen enough benefit from 2GB for Apple to bother cutting further into to their generous profit margins.

Extra RAM may give the iPhone 6S a slightly longer lifespan than some previous models. You may have seen the ill effects the iOS 8 upgrade had on older iPhones and iPods. That would certainly be a good thing.

One other interesting rumor that’s making the rounds now is that Apple is planning to inject a bit of tech from the Apple Watch into the iPhone 6s. The Watch features a “Force Touch” display which can (you guessed it) distinguish between different levels of pressure applied by a finger to the screen. It’s sort of like what Wacom’s digitizers can do, but no fancy stylus is required.

Force Touch could make its way to the 2015 iPhone and would make it possible for the updated version of iOS that ships on the iPhone 6S to introduce a revamped UX, similar to the one you may have seen demonstrated on the Apple Watch. We’ll just have to wait for an event later this year to find out if that’s really what Apple is working on.

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iPhone 6S to feature Apple Watch’s Force Touch display and 2GB of RAM | Apple |


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