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smrtGRiPS want to make your bike smart and safer | News |

Riding a bike is fun, but it comes with a lot of risks. What if you hit something? What if you get lost? What if your bike gets stolen? What if people on sidewalks hate you? While that last dilemma may never be solved through the power of technology, new startup Boréal Bikes is trying to make the bicycles we already own smarter and safer.

Watch the Indiegogo pitch for their first product, smrtGRiPS, to see how:

Instead of buying a whole new smart bike, riders simply insert the inconspicuous, waterproof smrtGRiP attachments into their own bike’s handles, or motorized scooter handles, and pair them via Bluetooth to their iPhone or Android phone. This gives users access to the device’s array of bike-enhancing features.

Haptic feedback, like a vibrating left handle, gives riders turn-by-turn directions, sort of like an Apple Watch, so they can always keep their eyes on the road. The handles also shake when a slower rider, like a child or lazy friend, gets separated from the group. Meanwhile, the app lets users locate a lost nearby bike in some forgotten parking spot and track down a stolen faraway bike through GPS. And the app will automatically call 911 if the handles sense a significant impact.

In an interview with Wired, Boréal CEO Louis Huard also envisions using smrtGRiPS to gather crowdsourced riding data from users. That information could then be used to figure out better bike-friendly routes so the product could offer even better directions. But whether or not smrtGRiPS become a product at all depends on the success of the company’s Indiegogo campaign. So if you’re interested in making your bike a little more thoughtful, you can pre-order smrtGRiPS for $59.

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smrtGRiPS want to make your bike smart and safer | News |


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