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Delsey Pluggage is smart luggage that weighs itself, charges your gadgets | Mobile |

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack is pretty slick gear for the tech-savvy, space-conscious traveller, but Delsey’s new Pluggage takes the cake. They’re turning ordinary luggage into the ultimate travel companion.

Interestingly, Delsey’s not locked in to a particular set of features for Pluggage just yet. On their website, they’re asking visitors to vote for the functionality that they’d like to see built in. It’s not all about the bags, though. Many of the features would be built into Delsey’s companion app.

Let’s start with the Pluggage bags themselves. Ever been surprised by an overweight charge when checking your bag (or had to quickly re-pack in front of your fellow passengers)? Integrated sensors in Pluggage could ensure that never happens to you again by zapping its current weight to your phone. Integrated LED lighting would make it easy to locate things in your bag.

Since any functions Delsey builds in to the bag itself would require power, why not include a USB port? That way you can recharge your devices without needing to locate an adapter and an outlet, or the booster you dropped in amongst your toiletries at the last minute. You may also have thought about packing a Bluetooth speaker to pump out some tunes in your hotel room, but you might not need one with Pluggage: Delsey just might build one in for you.

They’re also pondering possibilities for the locks. One feature would be a lock check feature, which lets you check on your phone to see if your bag has been opened. Another would tap into Touch ID or the fingerprint reader on your Android phone–allowing you to lock and unlock your Pluggage the same way you can unlock your phone.

As for the app, apart from tracking weight and lock status, most of the functions look like what Google Now and some travel apps already do: checking the weather in your destination city, keeping an eye on flight information, that sort of thing.

Pluggage could be a real godsend for connected travelers. If you consider yourself one, why not head on over and cast your vote for the features you’d like to see added? You just might get your wish.

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Delsey Pluggage is smart luggage that weighs itself, charges your gadgets | Mobile |


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