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PlayStation TV drops to $79, may be new official price | Games |

The PlayStation TV is quite a difficult device to place in the gaming market, and therefore to sell. On release the microconsole cost $100, only played a selection of PS Vita games, and required a DualShock 3 for control. It was expensive for what it offered, especially considering you needed a PS Vita memory card and controller, which Sony packaged with the TV for $140.

The situation is improving, though, with DualShock 4 controller support being added, more games being supported, and now a surprising price drop. Visit Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Walmart and chances are you can pick up the PlayStation TV for just $79 rather than $100. As for that $140 bundle, it’s dropped to $99, which gets you the PlayStation TV, a DualShock 3 controller, and an 8GB memory card.

PlayStation TV drops to $79, may be new official price | Games |

Sony hasn’t confirmed that this is an official price drop, but the fact so many retailers are selling at these lower price points without a “sale” tag attached suggests it is, or will be soon enough. Sony’s official retail stores still list the $100 and $140 price points respectively.

$99 for everything you need to play over 100 PS Vita games on your TV is pretty tempting, especially when you consider a PS Vita costs $200. Then you add in access to games on PlayStation Network, and access to PlayStation Now, and you have a microconsole that is increasingly looking worth the investment. The other feature of interest? Remote Play compatibility with the PS4, but that seems to require a wired connection to work well enough for games to be playable (WiFi just doesn’t cut it.

If $79 does become the new official price point then it’s likely you may be able to pick one up for as low as $70-75 when online retailers start trying to undercut each other again.

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PlayStation TV drops to $79, may be new official price | Games |


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