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Zolt is the world’s smallest laptop charger, also charges your phone, tablet | Mobile |

Having to carry around multiple chargers to keep your devices powered can be a real pain. Zolt thinks they can cure what ails you with a palm-sized universal laptop adapter complete with built-in USB charging.

Today’s laptops don’t come with the same bulky, brick-like chargers that models from four or five years ago did — but there’s always room for improvement. Zolt measures just 3 inches long and has a diameter of 1.3 inches. It’s not actually round, though; it’s octagonal, which means it won’t roll away on you if you aren’t paying attention when you set it down.

Another interesting feature of Zolt is that you can rotate it up to 90 degrees once it’s plugged in. On a crowded power bar, you can simply crank it left or right to give your USB cords the clearance they require — or you can turn it to face you for easier access to its plugs.

The Zolt adapter plugs directly into an outlet and its color-matched charging cord plugs into one of the three USB ports. That leaves two available for your phone, tablet, camera, drone, or whatever else you own that charges with a USB cable.

That also gives Zolt a slight edge over the tiny Dart charger that made its debut at CES last year. Dart only offers a single USB port. Another difference between the two is that Zolt actually has a working prototype they’re showing off to CES attendees this year; Dart only had a mock-up on hand.

One more clever touch: the back of the charger has built-in LED illumination, making it easier to find your plugs in the dark. When you’re ready to pack Zolt up, its prongs fold flat and the charging cord wraps neatly around the octagonal shell.

If you like what you see, you can pre-order a Zolt in violet, orange, or graphite right now for $80. When they hit retail shelves later this year, the sticker price will be bumped up by another $20. MacBook adapters aren’t available yet, but they’ll be offered as an accessory later.

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Zolt is the world’s smallest laptop charger, also charges your phone, tablet | Mobile |


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