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Lenovo wants you to fork around on their new Yoga Tab 2 | News |

Most sane tablet manufacturers would upgrade a tablet by making it lighter, faster, and more efficient. Lenovo had other ideas. They figured you should be able to write “I Love You” on a tablet with a fork. Or your keys. Or a railroad spike.

The new Yoga Tab 2 with AnyPen isn’t the first mobile device that could pull off this nifty little trick. In June of 2013, Sony launched the Xperia Z Ultra. They were a bit more tame with the marketing, however, sticking to things like pens and pencils. Fork that, said Lenovo.

The AnyPen technology on Lenovo’s new tablet let you use virtually any metal object as a stylus. While it’s fun to think about using something totally ridiculous to scribble on the Yoga Tab 2 with AnyPen, practical types will like the flexibility of being able to use, say, the tip of a retractable a pen instead of having to always remember to pack a stylus.

It’s quite a neat little feature, and interestingly enough, it’s not one that inflates prices all that much. Lenovo has priced the Yoga Tab 2 with AnyPen at $299. For an 8-inch Windows tablet with a full HD display, a 64-bit quad-core Atom CPU, 32GB of internal storage, an 8MP rear-facing camera, and a battery good for about 15 hours between charges, that’s not too shabby. It’s also just $20 more than the plain vanilla Yoga Tab 2.

If you plan on seeing just how far you can push Lenovo’s claim, you may want to shell out a few extra dollars for Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protetcion — as long as you’re comfortable telling the service rep that those scratch marks from your replica Wolverine claws were purely accidental.

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Lenovo wants you to fork around on their new Yoga Tab 2 | News |


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