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Star Wars Episode VII trailer already recreated in Lego, Kerbal, and George Lucas’s vision | Geek-Cetera |

With millions of views and countless opinions immediately after the reveal, you can’t call the teaser video for Star Wars Episode VII anything but a huge success. While there are some camps seriously doubting things like a lightsaber with a funky looking crossguard and shouting about JJ Abrams and his inability to exist without lens flares, the overall positive response from the trailer has spawned some hilarious remakes over the long weekend. The top three in a growing list, however, come with their own set of jokes.

You see a lot of doubt when it comes to Abrams taking over the Star Wars franchise with Disney as the guiding hand in the background, but it feels like the people casting doubt have forgotten what happened the last time George Lucas decided his beloved series needed some tweaks. The Lucas’ Vision remake of the trailer for The Force Awakens serves as a hilarious reminder that Abrams is probably the breath of fresh air the series needed.

While we as humans are only just starting to figure out space travel, the Kerbals are more or less experts. In fact, whose to say planet Kerbin isn’t where the events of this teaser trailer take place? Remaking the Star Wars trailer with a modded version of Kerbal Space Program is brilliant not just because it’s silly, but because the creator had to seriously think outside of the box in order to get some of the animations down. The lightsaber in particular is clever, and the whole thing is well worth a watch.

No trailer parody set would be complete without a Lego offering, and it was completely unsurprising to see that this was one of the first parodies to hit the web. It’s quick, and a little choppy, but you can bet that we’ll see plenty of new official and unofficial Lego Star Wars videos between now and December 2015.

Any way you look at it, there’s been a huge surge in excitement for this movie after the trailer launched. We’ve all got a long wait ahead of us, but it’s starting to really look like Episode VII is going to be a great one.

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Star Wars Episode VII trailer already recreated in Lego, Kerbal, and George Lucas’s vision | Geek-Cetera |


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