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Pixavi Impact X is an anti-explosion Android phone | Mobile |

You might own an Android phone that’s splash-proof. You may even own one that’s dust-proof, submersible, and impact-tolerant. But you probably don’t own an Android phone that’s certified against explosions like the Pixavi Impact X.

Before we go any further, let’s clarify. The Impact X is not, in the words of Homer Simpson, unblowuppable. It does, however, boast certifications against causing accidental explosions. No, not like the one that happened recently to one guy’s OnePlus One. Actual explosions. As in Michael Bay style, only in a volatile real-world work environment.

Pixavi Impact X is an anti-explosion Android phone | Mobile | Geek.comThe Impact X is the “toughest smartphone you will ever meet.” It can withstand high and low temperatures, shrug off drops with ease, and go for extended swims. It’s got a glove-friendly touchscreen and physical buttons for easier one-hand use. A bevy of mounting options help with that, too: you can stick the Impact X on a wristband, a telescopic pole, or a hard hat.

It doesn’t have the largest display, nor the highest resolution: it’s a 4.3-inch and 800 x 480. Stunning visuals aren’t really the point, obviously: getting work done in tough environments is. Pixavi’s shoved in a massive battery to make sure the Impact X will last through long shifts. At 3000mAh, it’s more in line with the Galaxy Note III than other 4.3-inch smartphones.

The Impact X also features dual cameras on the back, but they’re not for capturing stereoscopic images and video. It’s all about nipping a smartphone annoyance in the bud. Pixavi has wired the cameras to the phone’s orientation sensor. One is rotated 90 degrees so that you always record in landscape even when you’re holding the Impact X vertically.

Pixavi’s product page also talks up the packaging. Apparently it’s a “beautiful product box with custom shaped foam inlays.” I’m hoping that means it’s in a tiny ZERO Halliburton briefcase or a Pelican-Hardigg-style military case. A phone like this is going to command a premium, so you might as well ship it in a kick-ass box that costs a couple hundred dollars.

Pixavi Impact X is an anti-explosion Android phone | Mobile |


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