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Ninja Turtles bandana glasses and shoe wings in ‘Heroes’ Loot Crate | Geek Culture |

This month’s Loot Crate is “Heroes,” and while it doesn’t come with a super-rad t-shirt, it’s still a pretty good haul.

First, Shwings! I didn’t know these existed, or that I needed them, but they do, and I do. They’re wings and lightning bolts you can attach to your shoes with your shoelaces. They make you go faster, or let you be Namor. I don’t necessarily recommend you be Namor.

Two vinyl figures, from Funko and Kidrobot, and they both glow in the dark! The Funko Pop! figure is a Loot Crate-exclusive Groot bobblehead with a translucent hand, like when he made the weird light-up spores. The Kidrobot figure is a Ninja Turtle, and fortunately it’s not a movie Ninja Turtle. I got Donatello, complete with staff.

Also, Ninja Turtles sunglasses. They’re sunglasses that look like their masks! I got Michaelangelo.

Another fridge magnet, and this time it’s Deadpool-themed and looks like a cereal box. It’s Wilson’s ChimichangOs, and I have a problem with it. Deadpool doesn’t need a catch phrase. Catch phrases aren’t funny. Stupid catch phrases are especially unfunny. It barely worked for the Tick and it doesn’t work for Wade Wilson.

The Loot Crate came with some DLC codes as well, for a bunch of characters in the match-three mobile game Doctor Who: Legacy, a helmet in the upcoming and postponed Gauntlet reboot, and a full copy of the original Defense Grid.

Ninja Turtles bandana glasses and shoe wings in ‘Heroes’ Loot Crate | Geek Culture |


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