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GoPro introduces a $60 Fetch harness for dogs-eye view action  | Geek-Cetera |

Admit it, dog owners. You’ve always wondered what catching a frisbee, leaping into the water to retrieve a ball, or chasing the neighbor’s cat looks like from your pooch’s perspective.

Why not find out? Strap it onto your faithful four-legged companion with GoPro’s new Fetch dog harness, record all the action, and sit back and watch the first-awesomeness unfold in glorious 1080p. Animal POV videos generally turn out pretty sweet, even when they’re unplanned.

You’ve got two mounting options: back or chest. Fetch is also fully adjustable, and GoPro says that it’ll fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds. Sadly, then, that means teacup chihuahua owners will have to rig up something else — or buy a Fetch anyway and cram a rolled-up towel under the strap to keep it snug.

But hey, that 15-pound minimum should make Fetch a good fit for filming more than just your dog’s agility course prowess. Chances are pretty good it’d work pretty well on your son or daughter who’s just learning to crawl. It’s probably worth looking into anyway: there’s potential for some seriously great footage.

Fetch is also machine-washable — a good thing, since it’s probably going to end up rolling in grass, mud, and, if your dog is anything like my late dachshund Darby, duck manure.

If you don’t like the look of that $60 price tag, don’t fret. Because of the GoPro’s popularity there are scores of third-party accessory makers turning out similar camera mounts. Kurgo has a chest harness that should fit your dog, potbellied pig, or ginormous cat nicely and it sells for around $30 on Amazon.

GoPro introduces a $60 Fetch harness for dogs-eye view action | Geek-Cetera |


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