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Intel creates world’s smallest 3G modem | Chips |

We’re hearing a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) — a growing class of embedable computing devices that are both uniquely identifiable and wirelessly connected. And Intel has come out this week to support such devices by developing the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem.

The modem is called the XMM 6255, and it’s slightly larger than a one cent coin as you can see below. It’s a 3G modem, power amplifier, and transceiver in one tiny package, setup to be used in 3G smartphones and tablets as well as IoT devices. Intel also claims the all-in-one solution is quite resilient, meaning the radio won’t overheat easily or be susceptible to power spikes.

Intel creates world’s smallest 3G modem | Chips |

The XMM 6255 modem could prove to be very popular with gadget manufacturers for a number of reasons. Being the smallest solution on the market is a great advertisement for Intel, but the fact this is an all in one solution means device designs can be greatly simplified. The other big bonus of the 6255 is the fact it does away with the need for a separate 3G antenna, meaning it’s going to be popular for gadgets with very restricted space, e.g. smartwatches.

There’s no information on pricing, but then this isn’t something you go and buy off the shelf. Manufacturers will order them in the thousands, with the price set based on how big of a batch you want. The profit margins will be relatively small, but then there’s the potential for the XMM 6255 to sell in the millions and confirm Intel as a major player in the IoT modem market.

Intel creates world’s smallest 3G modem | Chips |


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