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Your Windows 9 upgrade could be free | Microsoft |

Windows 9 can’t come soon enough for those who despise Windows 8 and never warmed up to the Metro interface. It’s slated to arrive early next spring, and here’s the kicker: it will be a free upgrade for many, and as cheap as $20 for others.

This is according to a new leak from WZor, who’s been right on the money numerous times before when it comes to new Microsoft products. Free OS upgrades from Microsoft also aren’t anything new. Generally, the company has opened up a free upgrade window around launch time where shoppers can upgrade a newly-purchased computer from the previous Windows OS to the latest version.

They also threw discounts at everyone they could to spur Windows 8 adoption: Windows XP holdouts, students, families, and early adopters who installed the Release Preview. It was widely believed that those incentives had a lot to do with concerns over how consumers would react to the Metro interface.

With all the heat Microsoft has taken over Windows 8 and Metro — and the backpedaling it has done in Windows 8.1 — it’s reasonable to think that there will be a slew of Windows 9 upgrade offers, too. The company is eager to get things back on track, and dangling free or low cost upgrades is a good way to smooth things over with disgruntled (and vocal) Windows 8 users.

WZor hasn’t offered up any more specifics, so it’s possible that the free upgrades could only be for computers purchased around the time Windows 9 launches. But we’ve heard from other sources that Microsoft might be pondering a shift to a more Apple-like model when it comes to OS upgrades, and that Windows 9 may also be free for anyone who owns Windows 8 or 8.1. There has even been some noise about Windows 9 being offered for free to Windows 7 users.

The $20 upgrade will reportedly apply to anyone who purchased a retail copy of Windows 8. That seems a tad unfair: a retail copy puts more money in Microsoft’s coffers than an OEM version. If anyone truly deserves a free upgrade, it would be the folks who dropped $120 to $200 on Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.

Your Windows 9 upgrade could be free | Microsoft |


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