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Giant panda fakes pregnancy to get more food, ruins television special | Geek-Cetera |

It seems human teenagers and burnt out adults aren’t the only ones who fake an illness to avoid school and work when they aren’t actually sick. While giant panda Ai Hin — of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre — wasn’t sick, it did appear as though she was pregnant.

The research center planned a livestream for the birth, until it turned out that Ai Hin wasn’t actually pregnant. Researchers think that she may have been faking it in order to continue receiving the pampering care that the research center gives to pregnant pandas.

The research center was excited, as it planned a live broadcast of the panda giving birth on television. According to news agency Xinhua, Ai Hin showed signs of pregnancy — a sudden increase in hormones and becoming less mobile. Researches noticed that her behavior returned to normal, though, and that she may have experienced phantom symptoms. However, the term “phantom symptoms” is more forgiving than what some researchers feel might have actually happened.

As the name plainly states, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre is a place focused on breeding pandas in order to help the struggling population. This means that the facility provides extra special care to its pregnant charges, and that’s something that the pandas notice. Supposedly, it’s not entirely uncommon for the pandas at the facility to recognize that they’re receiving special care, such as being transferred to an air-conditioned room and given extra food. Sometimes, the pandas maintain the behavior that they were exhibiting when they were placed in special care in order to receive it again. While this may seem extraordinary, it’s not really much different from training a dog: behave one way and you get a treat.

While it’s sad that Ai Hin isn’t going to help boost the panda population, it’s certainly funny that she faked being pregnant in order to live where there’s air conditioning and extra food.

Giant panda fakes pregnancy to get more food, ruins television special | Geek-Cetera |


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