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Custom Destiny Lego minifigs are so much better than Mega Bloks | Games |

The launch of Bungie’s next epic adventure, Destiny, means many of us are about to exchange money and sleep for a good time between now and Christmas. It also means we’re well on our way to seeing some Destiny-branded goodies hit the shelves of just about everywhere. Unfortunately, one fan has created a fantastic reminder that Destiny figurines are not likely to come from Lego.

There aren’t many things out there that don’t look awesome in Lego form. Just ask anyone who owns a Lego DeLorean, or the Lego Ecto 1 Ghostbusters car. Not everything gets turned into Lego art, though, mainly because there’s a company that competes directly with Lego. Bungie’s last amazing adventure, Halo, for instance, exists exclusively in Mega Blok form. The Mega Blok representations of the Halo Universe look alright, but they lack the iconic mash-up so commonly seen with Lego and its minifigs. Since we know Activision already has a Mega Blok deal for its Skylanders franchise, it’s not hard to imagine Destiny showing up in that format shortly after launch.

Flickr user Exxtrooper has a fantastic collection of custom Lego creations, as well as several kits that have been assembled and meticulously photographed. This clever Master Builder makes decals from scratch and uses them to breathe life into these creations, with the Destiny minifigs being some of the first in the collection to use vinyl instead of paper. Exxtrooper claims these are the first of many, as the story and lore from the Destiny universe has lead to a desire to build the universe out of Lego. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Lego version of The Tower before too long.

Custom Destiny Lego minifigs are so much better than Mega Bloks | Games |


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