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China OS arrives in October to oust Western rivals | Apps and Software |

China already has the great firewall, and it’s been preparing a desktop and mobile weapon to help drive outsider OSes from within its borders. That weapon is a state-sponsored operating system, and it’ll be ready to roll out to Chinese PCs starting in October.

The Chinese government has been focused on creating a national operating system for years. They’ve tried before, most notably with Red Flag OS back at the turn of the millennium. In February of 2014, the project was finally shut down. Ultimately, Red Flag wasn’t able to make inroads against rivals like Windows XP, which is still wildly popular in China to this day, and Android, which has claimed around 90% of the smartphone market in China.

Why the renewed push now? The tensions between China and the West aren’t exactly a secret any more. Accusations of state-sponsored hacking by the U.S. and its allies — coupled with fears over the NSA’s capabilities — have convinced the Chinese that it’s time to ramp up their efforts again.

China knows that the new OS won’t uproot Windows or Android immediately. They’re estimating that it will take at least two years for the desktop OS to establish itself and five for the mobile OS.

Don’t take the image above as any sort of indication what the OS will actually look like. Although it’s been shown off briefly before, most of the images available on the website look like they were hastily hacked together. However, since the aim here is to replace Windows on the desktop and Android on mobile devices, you can be fairly certain that they’ll try to keep the user interfaces “familiar” the same way so many Shanzai manufacturers design phones that look familiar to iPhone and Galaxy fans.

China OS arrives in October to oust Western rivals | Apps and Software |


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