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Add Wi-Fi uploads to your digital camera for $35 or less | Chips |

Nowadays you’ve got plenty of choices if you’re shopping for a digital camera with built-in Wi-Fi. But what if you already own a perfectly good point-and-shoot or DSLR? There’s got to be a way to add Wi-Fi capabilities to it, right?

Absolutely, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either.

You may already have heard of Eye-Fi’s products. They’re the size and shape of an ordinary SD card, but they pack additional hardware inside — the wireless networking kind, of course. They can make any “dumb” camera a little bit smarter.

For about $70 they’re a reasonably cheap upgrade. That’ll get you an Eye-Fi card with 16GB of storage. You can, however, spend half that — or even less. If you already have a spare micro SD card or two lying around, there’s another option you may want to look into.

We’ve shared some excellent Monoprice deals with you before, and here’s another one. A micro SD adapter card with a tiny, built-in Wi-Fi adapter. So how do you make it work? It’s not like Wi-Fi configuration screens are going to magically appear on your camera’s rear display. No, the card itself Add Wi-Fi uploads to your digital camera for $35 or less | Chips | Geek.comacts as a wireless access point. You can access the card from up to five devices at the same time and wirelessly pull off pictures, images, and other files that are stored on it. The best part? It costs just $35.

If you’re a bit more adventurous, there’s another place you can go looking for a bargain on Wi-Fi enabled micro SD card adapters. Several sellers on AliExpress offer similar cards, and they sell for as little as $22 — or even less if you’re willing to buy 100 or so.

Add Wi-Fi uploads to your digital camera for $35 or less | Chips |


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