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Unified Inbox and folders – Multi Account with editable html signatures – Aliases – Support for Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL and Generic IMAP


Quick Reply – Operation history with multiple undo – Offline operations and auto recovery – Drag and drop – Copy messages across different accounts – Interaction sounds


Gmail Shortcuts – Custom global shortcuts – Quick Label, Quick Move – Quick folder selection -Custom Show/Hide


Drag and drop on application – Quicklook preview – Dropbox support – Inline image attachments


Group messages by conversation – Group messages by subject – Reverse messages conversation – Muted CC’d


Multiple themes for messages, composer and window. – Minimal and extended Mode – Account color detection – Memo visual mark


Per account notifications – Notification center support – Notification alerts with custom action.


– Gmail and OS contacts import – Group support – Custom contacts pictures


Html and text only
Custom settings per single account, Bullet and number list.


Auto CC, BCC. – Pending operations – Copy in sents folder for Some generic IMAP service.

Search & Filtering

Global search for multiple accounts – Quick filter by unread, starred, message with attachments and conversations – User Scope filter, show messages of the same user – Advanced folder filter

Folders, Labels

Nested folders – Create, Delete and edit folders – Custom folder colors – Localized folder names – Custom folder mappings

Unified Mail Experience

Same experience across different services with labels, archive, undo, conversations

Only for Mac

Airmail is built with the most modern Mac OSX technology

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Airmail Beta 215

– New Exchange Meeting Invite
– New Copy Paste Attachment from Desktop
– New Substitutions (Mavericks Canned Response)
– New Spelling Grammar
– Improved Sync Fetch of messages
– Improved Exchange Full Sync
– Improved MSN accounts detect
– Improved Threads handling
– Improved Advanced Search
– Improved attachments from Services
– Improved Exchange Auto discover
– Fixed Message insert on reverse order
– Fixed Folder order
– Fixed Issue on opening the same draft
– Fixed Expand unread messages in conversation
– Fixed Expand unread messages in conversation
– Fixed Attachment Menu
– Fixed several Font Issues on Composer
– Fixed Attachment Gif/Png on composer
– Fixed Preference on hiding Image on Notification
– Fixed Bullets font
– Fixed Recipients drag on different windows
– Fixed composer on many recipients
– Fixed Signatures plain text
– Fixed Reply TO reply all Switch
– Fixed Sent on Plaintext messages
– Fixed control Click on Folders
– Fixed Custom Icon on message
– Fixed Folder selection on collapsed menu
– Fixed trash in POP
– Fixed Folder selection on collapsed menu
– Fixed Page, Keynote, attachments, Numbers are still .zip compressed
– Fixed Spam Sieve Train as Spam
– Keychain Extended debug on Null Password (please report feedback)
– Many small fixes and improvements.

15 Nov8 Notes

Airmail Beta 214

– Advanced Search with Chinese, Japanese, Russian support
– Auto Upgrade search index.
– New Preference Markdown as Default
– New Preference RTL as Default
– New Preference Global Address List
– New Preference Replay always with the same account
– New Preference Download Attachments Location
– New Preference Hide images in Mavericks notification
– New Space to scroll message
– New Copy from Local Folder to online folder
– Improved Off-line Resend
– Improved Performances
– Improved Quotation colours
– Improved Loading Time
– Improved Minimal Visual theme
– Improved All Messages In Fast Menu Selection
– Fixed Archive Today and to Read causing Moving to Trash
– Fixed recipient moved but copied.
– Fixed folder detection on Exchange.
– Exchange sync fixed
– Exchange auto discovery improvements
– Improved Mouse scroll in Mavericks
– Full interactive layout elements
– Improved Layout
– Fixed Crash on Mavericks sleep Wake up
– Fixed Sync Fetch issues of BETA 213
– Many Bug fix and small improvements

9 Nov3 Notes

Airmail Beta 213

– New Collapsable folders
– New Exchange Global Address List
– New Quick reply/Reply all Toggle
– New Plain Text/Rich HTML Toggle
– New Drop Messages back links to, Things, Calendar and any other apps
– New Preference Send and Archive in /Notification center
– New Quick Shortcuts for Account Selection
– New Zoom In composer
– New Reset Zoom
– New Preference Default reply can ignore alias
– New Extended Logs

– Improved Drag messages
– Improved Offline operations recovered when online
– Improved quotation
– Improved energy use
– Improved Autosave Distracting Fix
– Improved Local messages can be copied
– Improved GUI UX
– Improved Scroll with mouse
– Improved Plaintext column length
– Improved Search Show labels

– Fixed SpamSieve integration
– Fixed click in body View bug
– Fixed inline Images not displayed
– Draft in Quick reply
– Fixes SMTP issues
– Notification picture hidden is respected in Notification center
– Fixed alias on reply to Sent Mail
– Fix Exchange Login
– Fix VCalendar
– Fixed online Draft Editing
– Updated Languages
– Extended recipient layout fix
– Crash and small issues fixed


30 Oct4 Notes

Airmail – Mac App Store 1.2

  • New Mavericks Interactive Quick reply in notification
  • New Mavericks icons in notification Center
  • New Mavericks Specific optimization
  • New Full Keyboard navigation
  • New Offline editing
  • New Local Draft
  • New Local Sent
  • New Quick cancel sending
  • New Always Expand Quote
  • New Quote layout
  • New Selection detection
  • Improved Bullet List
  • Improved Visual Layout
  • Improved Exchange Auto discovery
  • Improved IMAP-SMTP Account Detection
  • Fixed SSL IMAP Login
  • Fixed Pop in Multi account
  • Fixed Exchange fetch
  • Fixed Signature Selection
  • Fixed Exchange 2007 send messages
  • Fixed Exchange Sync Fetch issues messages
  • Fixed support T-Online
  • Fixed support GMX
  • Fixed Encoding on asiatic languages
  • Fixed Exchange 2007-2010
  • Fixed Exchange Sync issues
  • Fixed Exchange Conversation
  • Fixed Calendar Invites not displayed correctly
  • Fixed encoding issues
  • Fixed Alias sending
  • Fixed several issues on detection connections
  • Fixed Print Tab in PDF
  • Fixed AOL detection
  • Fixed Markdown composer window
  • Fixed Rendering of missing random space char
  • Fixed recognize or some not US Hotmail/Live accounts
  • Fixed SMTP Fix on not unauthanticated servers
  • General Fix and improvements fix and improvements

23 Oct9 Notes

Airmail Beta 212

– Drag and Drop Messages
– Exchange Labels
– Spam Sieve integration
– Label folders in search
– Fixed attachments drag to desktop
– Fixed Local Folder preferences
– Fixed selective Notification preferences

22 Oct1 Notes

Airmail Beta 210

  • New Local Draft
  • New Local Sent
  • New Quick cancel sending
  • Fixed SSL IMAP Login
  • Fixed Pop in Multi account
  • Fixed Exchange fetch
  • Fixed Signature Selection
  • Fixed Default color on signature
  • Fixed Bullet List
  • Improved Layout
  • Improved Keyboard navigation
  • Improved Performance on Mavericks
  • Crash Fix and minor issue fixed


18 Oct3 Notes

Airmail Beta 209

  • New Full Keyboard navigation
  • New Always Expand Quote
  • New Quote layout
  • New Selection detection preference
  • Fix Issue on draft sending.
  • Fix Exchange send messages
  • Fix Exchange Sync Fetch messages
  • Fix support T-Online
  • Fix support GMX
  • Local draft are now stored locally for offline editing
  • Fix Encoding
  • Improved visual layout and UX
  • Performance and minor fix


16 Oct1 Notes

Airmail Beta 208

  • Exchange 2007-2010 Send-Fix
  • Fixed Exchange Sync issues
  • Fixed Exchange Conversation
  • Fixed Exchange Threads
  • Fixed Calendar Invites not displayed correctly
  • Fixed Some encoding issues
  • Fixed Rendering of missing random space char
  • Fixed recognise or some not US Hotmail/Live accounts
  • IMAP SMTP send Fix
  • Improved IMAP-SMTP Account Detection

12 Oct0 Notes

Airmail Beta 206


  • Mavericks icons in notification
Mavericks Inline Quick reply in notification
Mavericks Specific fixes
Fixed Alias sending
Fixed several issues on connections

  • Fixed AOL connection
Print Tab in PDF
Several fix and improvements
Exchange several fix please report other issues
Fixed Markdown composer bar
Several improvements and fixes

11 Oct2 Notes

Airmail 1.1 – Mac App Store

– Exchange accounts support
– POP3 accounts support
– Outlook, Hotmail, Live, IMAP support
– Markdown composer
– HTML Source composer
– Multitouch gestures Swipe/Pinch
– Redirect mail
– EML message reader
– Activity monitor
– Sending message progress view
– Save all attachments
– Custom font in plain text
– Custom color on default composer
– Extended message details on reply
– Preference Big Fonts
– Winmail message support
– VCalendar support
– Improved Search (Clean accounts data)
– Preference auto update thread
– Exchange Contacts support
– New Localizations Galician, Romanian
– Many other Fix and improvements

– Build 205

Thanks to all our loyal users.

Airmail Migration ToolDownload

Is a simple tool to copy the accounts from the beta to the MAS version so you can use both without adding the accounts again.

7 Oct3 Notes

Airmail Beta 202

  • Outlook, Hotmail, Live, IMAP support
  • Fixed a connection sync issue
  • Fixed connections to retrieve
  • Deleted attachment also remove on local
  • Fix XLSX path too long
  • Fix Markdown editor causing losing typed text
  • Fix Account notification preference not saved
  • Many other small issues fixes


26 Sep0 Notes

Airmail Beta 201

  • New Activity Window
  • Improved Multitouch Gestures
  • Optimized Performance on initial fetch
  • Fixed Exchange sync

8 Sep0 Notes

Airmail Beta 200

  • Sync and connection issues fixed
  • Improved layout
  • New Winmail message support
  • New VCalendar support
  • New Redirect mail
  • New Save all attachment
  • Improved on Markdown and HTML source editor
  • Fixed fixed crash and small issues


7 Sep0 Notes

Airmail Beta 199

  • New Markdown Composer
  • New HTML Source Composer
  • New Auto create Standard Folders on Generic IMAP
  • New Multiple assign To-Do/Memo/Done
  • Fixed Sync issues with old Certificates
  • Fixed Remove To-Do/Memo/Done
  • Fixed Exchange Send Mail
  • Fixed Create folders
  • Fixed Cancel Sending
  • Improved Exchange Login
  • Many minor fixes.


5 Sep3 Notes

Airmail Beta 198

  • New Search (Clean Account data)
  • New Clear Account data option
  • New Detected messages selection
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Excerpts
  • Fixed Potential Interaction Sync Issues
  • Fixed iCloud detection
  • Fixed Sent messages in inbox
  • Fixed Sent messages in inbox
  • Fixed Pdf attachment as external
  • Fixed Gesture detection
  • Added Url scheme airmail://
  • New Language Galician
  • Small fixes and crash reports

3 Sep1 Notes

Airmail 1.0 is available from the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $1.99.
System Requirements OS X v10.7 Any Intel Mac

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